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Egg Donation in North Cyprus

Egg Donation in North Cyprus

Dogus IVF Centre provides high standards services for treatments. Egg Donation is being managed according to the patient`s schedule. The success rate is up to 80% of Egg donation treatments at Dogus IVF Centre


IVF in North Cyprus - Cyprus IVF

IVF in North Cyprus

At Dogus IVF Centre fertilization process is guaranteed by the ICSI procedure, For each treatment. ICSI is used regularly, No need to pay more in case when you ask for this treatment. IVF is performed successfully at Dogus IVF Centre in Cyprus.


Sperm donation in North Cyprus

Sperm Donation in North Cyprus

The process of sperm donation is performed, in case the male does not have any sperms (Azoospermic cases). Sperm donation in Dogus IVF Centre is taken from “CRYOS” which is one of the most reliable sperm banks in Europe. Sperm donation is performed successfully at Dogus IVF Centre in Cyprus.


Gender Selection (PGD) IVF in North Cyprus

Gender Selection (PGD) IVF in North Cyprus

IVF PGD treatment is successful within free MICROSORT method. Our professional team is giving guarantee for the selected gender. A healthy embryo is being provided by this procedure. Gender Selection – Sex Selection is performed successfully at Dogus IVF Centre in Cyprus.


Embryo Donation in North Cyprus

Embryo Donation in North Cyprus

Embryo Donation is a procedure that may be preferred in case neither the woman has any eggs, nor the man has any sperms. Thus it has a high success rate because of young, suitable donors selection. Embriyo donation is performed successfully at Dogus IVF Centre in Cyprus.


Tandem Cycle in North Cyprus

Tandem Cycle in North Cyprus

Tandem Cycle is a treatment of using the patient`s own eggs and at the same time getting extra suitable eggs from the donor in order to make the success rate higher within an IVF procedure. Tamdem Cycle is performed successfully at Dogus IVF Centre in Cyprus.


Dogus IVF CenterHere We Make Your Dreams True

Cyprus Dogus IVF Centre, Ovulation induction, in vitro fertilization (IVF/ICSI), assisted hatching, defragmentation, blastomere biopsy, testicle biopsy (Micro-TESE) besides egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, gender selection (PGT) egg freezing and fetal reduction treatments at the highest quality considering your medical and emotional needs and without any waiting period. Apart from that; freezing and storage of high number of embryos obtained at in vitro fertilization treatment up to 3 years and their utilization for pregnancy are among the routine services of our centre.

Moreover, parents who are prone to genetic risk have the opportunity to get PGT treatment can bear children thanks to our Genetics Laboratory incorporated under our centre.

Our Cyprus IVF and donation centre is regarded as the most preferred IVF centre of Cyprus in terms of service quality, patient satisfaction and pregnancy success rates besides the number of couples treated.

We help many patients primarily from Europe and Africa, America, Australia and Asia have children. As Dogus Fertility Hospital, we are the best and most successful IVF unit of Cyprus.


Dr. Sevket Alpturk

Clinic Director

Dr. Şevket Alptürk

Founding Director of our Cyprus Dogus IVF Centre Gyn. Op. Dr. Şevket Alptürk was born in K.Kaymaklı, Nicosia in 1959. After he graduated from Medical Faculty, Ankara University in 1983, he studied in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medical Faculty, Ankara University for 5 years from 1984 to 1989 and earned the title of specialist. He also studied Gynecologic and Obstetric Ultrasonography, Gynecologic Endoscopy Micro Surgery and Colposcopy in the meantime. He specialized in field of In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Techniques in the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medical Faculty, Ankara University and earned the title of in vitro fertilization specialist in 2001. His articles were published in many national and international medical periodicals. He is married with 2 sons. He has still been offering service in Gynecologic diseases, infertility and in vitro fertilization treatments together with his team under his own centre Dogus Hospital which he founded in 1991. Our centre is specially equipped for in vitro fertilization treatment and provides service to you with its team of specialists.

For further information and your inquiries about Cyprus in IVF, donation and gender selection treatments, please call Dogus IVF Centre Director Gyn. Op. Dr. Şevket Alptürk or fill out the contact form in the contact section.

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