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Intralipid Serum Treatment, a Method That Increases Success in IVF

INTRALIPID Serum Treatment

IVF treatment is one of the most successful methods of having a child, but sometimes successful results cannot be obtained, although it has been tried many times. There may be many reasons for the failure of unsuccessful IVF treatments. One of these reasons is the mother’s immune system. The problem can be eliminated by strengthening the immune system. Serum therapy is used to strengthen and balance the immune system in women. In the USA, Prof. Dr. The method developed by Carolyn Coulam and her team is a very new and special form of treatment and allows the body to accept the baby more comfortably by balancing the immune system. This special serum significantly increases the success of IVF treatment.


How is it applied?

Standard IVF treatment is applied to the patient. The special Intralipid Serum is first applied on the day of embryo transfer and on the 5th-8th day when the baby’s heartbeat is heard at specified intervals. The application is continued until the next week. The price of serum treatment is extremely affordable. Since the content of the serum used is not complicated, it does not have serious side effects. Since serum therapy is less costly than alternative applications, it should definitely be tried in patients with IVF failure at least 3 times.

You can contact us from the communication section to learn the price and treatment details of the serum treatment.

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