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One of the methods that those who want to have a baby is the egg donation method. Egg donation treatment is the IVF treatment with the highest chance of pregnancy.

We are grateful to egg donation treatment, it is ensured that women whose egg production has stopped for different reasons can become pregnant. Therefore, one of the most prominent methods in Cyprus IVF treatment is egg donation.

What is the donor who wants to have a child with egg donation? They are also looking for an answer. A donor is needed in the egg donation process. Egg cells taken from women called donors are combined with the sperm taken from the woman’s husband in the sterile laboratory environment of the Cyprus IVF centre.

In egg donation method, donor selection is very important. It is ensured that the donor does not have any health problems by going through health checks, and that he is physically similar to the expectant mother.


Are Those Who Get Pregnant With Egg Donation Satisfied With The Method?

The development of technology has been an important factor in adapting many methods in the field of medicine to today’s conditions. State-of-the-art tools are also used in the egg donation method performed by our Cyprus IVF centre. In this way, it is aimed for couples to have children without any difficulties.

In the egg donation method, there is an observation process for all the stages. In this way, it is prevented from facing any problems while continuing the method. It is extremely important that the observations are kept strictly so that the expectant mothers feel comfortable throughout the process.

Those who become pregnant with egg donation are extremely satisfied because they have children with very simple procedures without being exposed to coercive methods. In the egg donation method performed by our Cyprus IVF centre, we always prioritise the views and wishes of the couples.


Egg Donation in Cyprus

Cyprus is a region that is constantly developing in IVF treatments. Our centre, which provides an important service for those who want to have a child in Cyprus, continues its services in the fields of egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation.

We invite those who want to have a child with egg donation method in Cyprus, which has witnessed the development of technology, to contact our centre.

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