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early menopause

Early menopause is the case when a woman stops having her menstrual flow before the age of 35. Even if early menopause is claimed to be seen more oftenly, it is not exactly true. The act of qualifying the cases of menopause between the ages of 35 and 50 as early menopause is not right.

What Does Menopause Originate From?

The most oftenly seen reasons are listed below:

Autoimmune Diseases
Early deficiency of ovaries and the occurrence of menopause emerge depending on a set of diseases integrated under name of autoimmune diseases. An autoimmune disease may be described as the situation that the immune system of the patient perceives its own organs as foreign tissues with unknown reasons, and attacks to those organs to ruin them. If the tissues perceived as being foreign are the ovaries, then this type of autoimmune disease causes the occurrence of early menopause.

It is the type of early menopause when both ovaries of a young woman are removed on the ground of any reasons. Besides, early menopause may occur in rare cases when the ovaries are damaged in other gynaecologic operations (without intending the ovaries).

Cancer theraphies
The ovaries may get damaged or the manopause may occur as for women who receive radiotheraphy or chemotheraphy for cancer treatment.

Family history
One of the main factors that determine the age of menopause is the age of entering menopausal period of one’s mother. So, the story of an early menopause case in any of the close relatives significantly enhances the possibility of early menopause.

Chromosomal disorders
The eggs are used up at an early age in case of rarely seen chromosomal disorders such as Fragile X Syndrome and Turner Syndrome.

Life style
Smoking accelerates the entrance to the menopausal period; on the other hand, it is not likely to cause early menopause (entrance to the menopausal period before the age of 35) medically.

Similary, psychological stress is a secondary factor; whereas it is not a factor expected to cause early menopause by itself.

Stres causes menopause much like other diseases. However, it does not cause menopause by itself; yet it helps other factors.

How Can it Be Treated?

In the cases of occurrence of menopause at an early age (autoimmune type in particular) it is possible that it gets recovered by itself or by treatment.

Since one of the most significant disadvantages of entering in menopausal period at an early age is osteolysis, necessary precautions regarding this issue should be taken and treatment for protecting the bones should get started.

The classical menopause indications such as feeling uncomfortably warm, vaginal dryness and psychological stress give responses to hormone treatment in majority of the cases.

As the woman does not have any egg cells in the event of early menopause cases caused by the depletion of the egg cells, it is hard to obtain pregnancy (including IVF Test) with the eggs belonging to her. Therefore, the last resort is the pregnancy obtained with Egg donation (an egg cell donated by another woman).

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