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Male infertility

The problem of approximately 30-50% of the couples not having children arose from men. The reasons of infertility in men are classified in two main groups.
Reproduction disorders that have an impact on the quality and quantity of the sperm. The congestion of the channels which transfer the sperm.

The reason of the aforementioned problems in men can not be explained in 30-40% of the cases. When the causes of disorders of quality and quantity of the sperm are not found, some kinds of experimental medical treatment are applied. However, this kind of treatment is proven to be ineffective. The initiation application of microinjection technique in 1992 is the climax of the infertility in men. Even in the cases of severe infertility in men, high rates in obtaining pregnancy is provided by using this method.

Causes of Infertility in Men

1. Sperm Reproduction Disorders

As for the cases of infertility in man, reproduction and maturity disorders of the sperm are the most frequently seen problems. Reproduction disorder may be associated with the weakness of sperm actions which hinders the egg to be fertilized, or the abnormality of the shapes of the sperm (morphology); as well as with the quantity of sperm.

Normal values concerning the sperm are presented below. The quantity of the sperm of 20 million/ml at least; the rate of the active sperm of 30%, and the rate of structurally normal sperm of above 4%. In case that the sperm values are below the aforementioned values, it is significantly difficult to obtain natural pregnancy. Spermiogenesis (the reproduction and maturity of sperm cells) may be affected negatively by many factors.

Inflammatory diseases, some kinds of bacteria and viruses cause oophoritis in men. Oophoritis causes infertility problem in approximately 25% of the men who have undergone the respective disease.  Hormonal disorders, may create disorders of hormones which control the reproduction of the testosterone hormone. As for the environmental problems, the reproduction of sperms are affected by radiotheraphy and chemotheraphy used for cancer treatment.

2. Structural disorders

The entire or partial congestion that prevents the exuding of sperms out of the reproduction place, testicals, may cause infertility. Those congestions may be associated with an old infection as well as by birth. Any surgery tested may result in congestion.

Infertility Treatment in Men

In case of encountering problems that cause infertility in men, test-tube baby treatment is applied.  With respect to severe infertility in men or azoospermic cases, sperm donation is recommended.

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