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The number of couples who postpone their child birth plans gradually increases due to the rapid change in the women’s position in the society, the increase in the women building career and the forwardness in the marriage age. Ovarian reserves decrease along with the woman’s aging and fertility potential also decreases in return. Moreover, including women with early menopause history, past ovary surgery or chemotherapy history, ovarian reserve starts to decrease at an earlier age in some women and pregnancy potential decreases at earlier ages. Therefore, lots of women have severe concerns about having a child in the future.

Egg Freezing in Cyprus

For Which Patients is Egg Freezing Suitable?

  • Patients who have to receive chemotherapy or radiotherapy on pelvis area,
  • Those who would get married at an advanced age or who want to delay the age of having a child,
  • Women who has early menopause history in their family or who want to have a child at an advanced age

Egg Cryopreservation Program

  • Primarily, necessary tests are requested and eligibility of the treatment program is evaluated for the persons who desire embryo cryopreservation for their ovarian cells.
  • Ovarian stimulation is applied by doctor follow-up so as to obtain high number of ovarian cells in a single menstrual period in the city where the patient is living.
  • The patient is given ovarian pickup (OPU) hour upon the completion of ovarian development and the patient’s arrival to Cyprus is organized.
  • In Cyprus, ovarian pickup and other necessary processes are applied and then embryo cryopreservation is applied.

Note: Total 2 days’ Cyprus accommodation is enough for the embryo cryopreservation process.

Egg Thawing and IVF

  • Our patient primarily starts to use increasingly high doses of oestrogen in the city she is living in when she is ready for pregnancy. Oestrogen enables intrauterine layer to become thicker to lead the embryos to be transferred to hold to the uterus.
  • Patients’ arrival to Cyprus is organized upon the completion of the pre-treatment. In Cyprus, sperms are taken from the father-to-be, primarily cryopreserved ovarian cells are thawed, ovarian cells and sperms are merged by ICSI (Microinjection) method, respectively.
  • The treatment is completed thereby transferring 2-3 good quality embryos that are obtained on the 3rd or 5th day following the embryo development.

Note: 4-5 days’ accommodation would be enough for embryo thawing and IVF.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Egg Freezing


One of the most important reasons for the decrease in the pregnancy rate along with aging is because the egg quality decreases. Since embryo cryopreservation is made at younger ages, the cell remains young even if the woman becomes older. The use of cryopreserved and thawed egg cells in IVF in the future brings about high chance of pregnancy.


Is the ethical responsibility of having a child at an advanced age after menopause when there is no fertility function.

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