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Concentrating to the diet directly affects the success rates of IVF treatment. It is very important that you listen to the recommendations of your Cyprus IVF doctor about your nutrition.

It may be necessary to make some changes in nutritional habits before, during and after Cyprus IVF treatment. It will be useful to get professional support in these steps to increase the success of IVF treatment. For this reason, a dietitian can be consulted and a nutritional list can be prepared.

If you want Cyprus IVF treatment to be successful and you want to hold your child in your arms, you need to be careful in many matters. You can contact our Cyprus IVF centre to get nutritional support in IVF treatment!


Which foods should be avoided during the Cyprus IVF Treatment Process?

Couples who want to have a healthy pregnancy in IVF treatment need to remove some foods and beverages from their diets. The main fast food products are those that should be consumed as little as possible or even not consumed at all. By consuming fresh and organic foods instead of such unhealthy meals, you will make a radical change not only for Cyprus IVF treatment, but also for your own health.

Smoking is one of the main issues that is definitely not recommended in the IVF process. So much so that, in addition to not smoking, couples should not be in smoking environments.

When Cyprus wants to apply a diet suitable for nutrition in IVF treatment, it is definitely necessary to pay attention to cooking methods. So, instead of choosing frying and grilling cooking methods, you can prepare your food by steaming or in the oven.


Nutritional Recommendations That Increase the Success Rate in IVF Treatment

When we look at the factors that increase the success rate in Cyprus IVF treatment, we see how important it is to be at an ideal weight. Therefore, couples should avoid losing and gaining too much weight. Reaching their ideal weight according to their height and age will be a factor that increases the success rates of Cyprus IVF treatment.

Couples who are at their ideal weight and want to continue the IVF process while maintaining this form should pay attention to what they eat and drink. It is not recommended to consume beverages other than water, especially for beverages. It is a much healthier method to drink plenty of water instead of consuming cola and mineral waters.


Fish is a very important food for human health as a balance of minerals and proteins. It is recommended to consume fish at least twice a week, especially in IVF treatment.

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