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Female infertility

Causes of Infertility in Women

1. Ovulation Disorders

Ovulation disorder is the most common reason for infertility seen in women, and it means anovulation or irregular and rare ovulation. Most of the time, developing irregular periods or stop having periods indicate ovulation disorders. However, ovulation disorders may be observed even in the course of regular periods. Ovulation disorders are classified within three main groups.

  • Absence of secretion of the follicle stimulating hormones within the ovary from brain stem due to congenital lack of themselves.
  • Over secretion of the milk hormone, prolactin, from brain stem.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome

2. Congestion or Damage of Tubes

The partial or entire congestion of the tubes precludes the fertilization and pregnancy by inhibiting the sperm and the eggs union. This damage in the tubes may be caused by many reasons such as an old infection, endometriosis or an old operation. The sexually transmitted infections are the most significant reasons fort he damages in the tubes in developed countries. In our country, tuberculosis infection acquired in the childhood may cause irreversible damages in the tubes.

3. Endometriosis

Endometriosis is expressed as extrauterine development of the intrauterine tissue (Endometrium). Endometriosis is susceptible to the hormones just like endometrium, and it bleeds in the course of periods. These micro bleedings in the abdomen generate inflammatory cases in time and it causes adherences.
In case the endometriosis settles in the ovaries, it results in the generation of cysts. These cysts are called endometrioma. In order to have children, approximately 50% of women with endometriosis should undergo a treatment. With regard to women who seek medical advice for infertility, approximately 25% of them are diagnosed with endometriosis.

4. Problems Regarding Utero Collum

The structural, infectious or secretional disorders within this area (Mucus) may be reasons of infertility. Mucus secreted from the uterus collum facilitates the transfer of sperms through genital channel. In the course of the cycle, the quantity and quality of mucus change under the impact of estrogen and progesterone hormones. Benign tumors like polype, or surgeries applied on this area may be amongst the reasons of infertility.

5. Allergic Reasons

The allergic reasons may cause infertility and they can not be simply diagnosed or treated. As the treatment efficacy of allergic reasons are not definite, and the rates of pregnancy vary between the treated and the untreated; the requirement of routine measurements for those reasons is being discussed recently.

Infertility Treatment in Women

IVF treatment is the appropriate treatment method for the couples suffering from ovary disorders; the congestion or damage of the tubes; endometriosis, problems regarding the uterus collum and the allergic reasons. The couples who have failed the IVF treatment owing to the the aforementioned problems, may fall back up egg donation treatment to have children.

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