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IVF practices in Cyprus have been the leading treatment in health tourism for Cyprus. Due to the successful results and quality of service achieved in recent years, thousands of families from all over the world prefer Dogus IVF Center for IVF treatment and come to treatment. Successful practices of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) IVF treatments have been accepted all over the world.

Compared to other countries in the world, the advantage of Cyprus IVF prices, service quality, success rates, waiting time and our confidentiality principle are the most important reasons why we are preferred in IVF treatments.

In the field of Cyprus IVF, vaccination, IVF, egg donation, tandem IVF treatment, sperm donation, embryo donation, surrogate mother, egg freezing and fetal reduction treatments are legally allowed.

Three (3) embryo transfers can be legally implemented in the IVF procedure in Cyprus. Due to the restriction in the number of embryo transfers in various countries around the world, the rate of successful results in IVF treatments has decreased. For this reason, Cyprus is the center of choice in IVF treatments. Embryo transfer is the most important factor affecting pregnancy success. The number of embryo transfers is very important, especially in patients over the age of 35.

In some European countries, IVF applications between the ages of 40-45 are not legal. In-vitro fertilization in Cyprus can be applied to patients aged 45 and over.

It is a very important advantage that both IVF and donation can be implemented legally in Cyprus. In addition, official marriage is not required for IVF treatment. Couples living together can have IVF treatment with their own consent.

As Dogus IVF Center Team we would like to inform the couples who are struggling for years that our aim is to expand our borders through the world by making your dreams to come true and have babies all around the world.

Why Dogus IVF Center

It is not a matter of business but in fact it is an emotional relationship between you and us. It is a duty given to us to make you happy. Trust is the tie that will makes everything fine. Satisfying you by fulfilling your expectation is our job. In this hard case we will make everything as easy as we can do. Dogus IVF Center is taking care of those patients who are waiting for the successful treatment by providing high qualified services and a total honesty without any exaggeration in informing at each developed step.

 You are welcome anytime to join our big family.

  • High quality, services and low cost! (Compare the alternatives you will see that it worth it)
  • No waiting list for egg donation.
  • Fresh eggs and young donors are being selected.
  • The best alternative with the most suited nationality is selected as donor.
  • We are allowed to transfer a maximum of 3-4 embryos.
  • ICSI is done for all couples. Blastocyst transfer is done whenever applicable for no additional cost.
  • Free IMSI and EmbiyoGlue
  • You will have the opportunity to have your treatment with a lovely vacation in this beautiful island.

Why Dogus IVF Center?

There are many reasons for you to choose our center.

1) High Achievement

World-class pregnancy rates.

2) Perfect Personalized Treatment

Because you mean so much more to us than a patient.

3) Top Professionals in Their Field

We are at your service 365 days a year with our large staff.

4) Clear and Reliable Information

Each couple is informed in detail about the treatment method to be applied to them from the first appointment.

5) Best Prices

We have a serious price advantage when compared to centers in Europe and America.

With its natural beauties, historical places, and magnificent weather in every season, Cyprus brings with it an incredible holiday opportunity for IVF treatments. Especially in the summer months, families who come for IVF treatment want to spend all their treatments, that is, about 15-20 days, in Cyprus for both treatment and vacation. As Dogus IVF Center, we would be happy to assist you with your treatment. Click to meet the best IVF team in Cyprus.

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