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Egg donation, also known as egg transplantation, has a very important position in IVF treatment. There are thousands of couples who have babies thanks to this method, which is used in cases where the eggs to be taken from the expectant mother are insufficient.

In the egg donation process, in vitro fertilisation stages are also carried out. The most critical point in egg donation is the donor from which the eggs will be taken. Since the eggs taken from the donor are combined with the sperm of the female patient’s partner in the laboratory environment, donor selection has an important place.


While choosing the donor, both the wishes of the couples and compliance with the donor program are kept in the foreground. Donor selection is made by taking the blood group and physical characteristics of the expectant mother. Since the baby will receive the gene from the father-to-be, the physical characteristics of the mother-to-be are taken into account when choosing the donor. In the egg donation treatment performed by our centre, the most suitable donor for you is selected and the treatment is started.


Is the Baby Like the Father or Like the Mother?

Since an embryo is created from a donor’s egg cell in the egg donation process, it is natural to wonder whether the child to be born has a hereditary disease or who he looks like. However, at this point, it should be noted that the real mother is the person who will carry the child in her womb for 9 months. For this reason, you should remove the concept of donor from your mind after egg donation.

Before egg transplantation, when there is a question about similarities, these questions are frequently asked to our centre. Our clinic will share with you all your questions about treatment in detail. Then, if the donor selected by taking your opinion is found suitable for egg donation, it will be processed.

In addition to the similarities after egg donation, you can see the fees received from this process by reading our Egg Donation Prices article.


Is Egg Donation Safe?

If you want to have confidence in the procedures performed in egg donation treatment, you need to choose a good IVF centre. Thanks to its large egg pool, Cyprus Doğuş IVF Center has effective solutions for important issues such as donor selection in egg donation.

Egg donation is a very comprehensive process and if it is not done by a reliable centre, the result can be disappointing. For this reason, you can get detailed information about both the basic information about egg donation and our other treatments in our centre by reviewing our article on Basic Information About Egg Donation.

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