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What is the Pool Method?


The pooling method is based on performing two or more egg retrieval procedures without embryo transfer to the patient and freezing the obtained embryos. In this method, the embryos in the pool are thawed together and transferred into the uterus.

For the pooling method to be successful, it is most important to have a good freezing-thawing (vitrification) technique in the IVF center.

What are the Advantages of the Pooling Method in IVF Treatment?

Increasing the number of embryo transfers in IVF treatments increases the chance of success. Since the number of eggs is low in patients with low egg reserve, the number of quality embryos is therefore low. For this reason, all embryos obtained by collecting 2-3 eggs are frozen and stored by the pool method. Then, the maximum number of embryos are transferred at one time and it becomes possible to increase the success.

Another advantage of the method is to increase the number of embryos that can be biopsied in patients with low egg reserve who are considering Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), NGS and gender selection. Joining the biopsies for genetic testing will reduce the cost.

Continuous unsuccessful IVF treatments trigger psychological withdrawal in some patients. However, it is very important to continue the treatment for success in IVF treatments. We are thankful to the pooling method, the maximum number of quality embryos that are formed after 2-3 trials are transferred at once, so the chance of success increases, the cost decreases and the patient does not give up on the treatment psychologically.


Kimler Tercih Etmelidir?

The embryo pooling technique is mostly preferred for patients with low egg reserve or multiple IVF failures. In our center, we increase the chances of success by applying the pooling method to normal IVF, sperm donation, gender selection and PGD-NGS patients with low egg reserve.


How is it done?

All quality embryos obtained after egg collection are not transferred and frozen. The patient is taken to treatment for egg retrieval.
The embryo deposition process can be repeated until a sufficient number of high quality embryos are frozen.


What is the Pooling Method Price?

The price of the pooling method varies according to the treatment to be performed. Please contact us in the contact section for detailed information.


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