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Egg donation is mostly the best method to treat infertility. Egg donation is an in vitro fertilization applied when a number of IVF treatments fail. This method enables a woman to get pregnant even if her own eggs are not used for conception. Dogus IVF Center is well-experienced in egg donation.

The following factors constitute some of the reasons for egg donation

Early Menopause

One of the most harmful results of early menopause is the inability of regular conception. Menopause results when the ovaries run out of eggs and, as a result, the woman is no longer able to bear children. Such woman suffers also from the problems caused by symptoms of menopause. However, woman who goes through early menopause still has a fully functional uterus and therefore they can get pregnant through egg donation.

Production of Very Limited Number of or Low-Quality Eggs

If there is a problem with the quality or number of eggs that are produced by your ovaries, it can be established after fertility investigations and treatment. For example, in such case, your ovaries will not respond to the medicine sufficiently or at all or the embryos will not survive after in vitro fertilization treatment. Unfortunately such problems will deteriorate even more and the number of eggs in the ovaries will become less with age. This means that it will become even more difficulty for you to get pregnant with your own eggs either naturally or by using supportive reproduction methods. While Dogus IVF Center cannot bring back what was naturally taken away from you, it can offer you a treatment with healthy donor eggs.

Repeated Failure of IVF

For example; while supportive reproduction techniques such as IVF help many couples to have a baby, its rate of success drops with age. This is applicable especially for IVF because the implantation of embryos into the uterus has a lower chance of success if they are taken from a woman over the age of 38 years. The main reason for failed implantation is the significant deterioration of egg quality in women over the age of 40 years. The success rate of IVF treatment is 5% for women over the age of 42 years. However, it has been proven that women in their 40s can go through a healthy pregnancy period to have healthy babies. Especially success rate of egg donation is high in women at this age.

Medical Situations /Conditions / Problems

Some medical conditions (such as Turner syndrome) mean that some women don’t have eggs and therefore they cannot bear children. In some cases, infertility may be caused by a medical treatment such as chemotherapy or gastric surgery. Egg donation can help such women. Please contact Dogus IVF Center for further details about this.

Hereditary Problems

Some women do not prefer egg donation treatment as they don’t want to cause transfer of a serious hereditary disease to their child. Children always get the genes of their genetic parents. Therefore children who are conceived by egg donation get the genes of the father and the donor rather than the mother who delivers the baby. Although the woman to whom the egg is donated gives birth to the child and is considered (especially by the baby) as the mother, there is not any genetic relation.

Down Syndrome

Risk of giving birth to a baby with Down syndrome is increased with age of the genetic mother. Therefore egg donation can be a method to be preferred by elder women who would want to eliminate such risk as much as possible. The age of the donor, not the mother, therefore plays a significant role in this sense in case of conception through egg donation. In Dogus IVF Center, all of the mothers are under the age of 29 years and their age average is 26.

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