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Embryo transfer is a very important step in IVF treatments. The 72 hours following your embryo transfer are the most crucial hours in the treatment and it defines whether the treatment will succeed or not. The transfer is done with a small thin catheter to transfer the embryo in to the uterus wall. After this last step, you will have to wait for your beta-HCG test. Until that time, there are some essential steps to follow in order to have a successful treatment.

Suggestions until the test date

Recommendations until the test day are very crucial and they are to be followed for 12 days following the transfer day. You will only need to medicines suggested by your doctor. In case of headache or toothache, please ask your doctor before taking any medicines. Another suggestion is to avoid intercourse, swimming pool and beach during the 12-day period in order to avoid any unwanted infections that can influence the medicines taken in this period.

Another suggestion is to drink liquids and avoid salt as much as possible. Women who have undergone this treatment can go back to their routine life without any problems.

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