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Infertility, In Vitro Fertilization and Psychology


General. Infertility is a situation that nobody desires. Unfortunately, some of 15 to 20 percent of married couples are facing this situation. As in Turkey, being infertile in countries where family building and having a child are very important and causes severe psychological stress on the individuals. Here, the pressure of family elders, environment, customs and traditions, society becomes sometimes a nightmare.

Over the past 15-20 years, great progress has been made in infertility treatment. In vitro fertilization and the techniques involved in this concept provide tremendous opportunities for the desperate couples to realize their aspirations. However, even in vitro fertilization and even conventional treatments maintain their expensive nature in terms of materiality.

Infertility treatment, whether in classical or IVF methods, can cause psychological stresses on the couples at various levels, such as great stress, anxiety, tension, fear, insomnia, inner stress, depression.
Couples who are concerned about infertility, first of all need to hide this problem from their environment. When they can not hide anymore, they are looking for treatments. After the treatment started, they fall apart from daily life. Husband and wife are becoming more closed to their life. Every child they see around them creates sadness and sorrow. Not having a child is perceived as an offense and they feel failed.

Although all these expressions may not be viewed in all couples, in some may be viewed in different levels. In this regard, the doctor who treats the couple has a very important responsibility. The doctor should be able to sense such circumstances beforehand and take the time to discuss this with the couple, the family as soon as possible. There is no miraculous medicine or method to destroy this pessimistic picture. It is only known that sharing troubles has a relaxing effect for everyone, and may help the couples to bear the heavy spiritual burden of cure. The doctor may also help immediate family in addition to the couple if they need help.

In some cases of infertility, such psychological problems can be overcome when a very short period of treatment is carried out or the pregnancy occurs in the first trial. On the other hand, problems can become more severe in couples who can not get pregnant even though they are treated for a long time. In such cases, doctors also have a great responsibility.

People in general are able to deal with the problems even if they are serious; as long as they can tell their problems, they can share them. The most important force in the resistance of people to problems and finding solutions is hope.

In Vitro Fertilization Psychology

Although marriages are considered as sharing a life and supporting each other in a life of bitter sweetness, there is another factor in the background. It is to provide the continuation of the human race and to bring the individuals with stronger generations to the world. In marriage of men and women, they start carrying the responsibility of becoming a family once they have been an individual alone. Society gives them such an additional task. In addition, after a while from marriages, there are also other expectations from women and men. They are now asked to be a mother and a father.

Alas, I cannot have a child

When married couples want to have children one day and if they can not have children by themselves after a while, this situation comes into scene when they consult a doctor. It is very shaky for everyone to know that they will not have any children for any reason. Studies have shown that approximately 20-30% of married couples have unprovoked infertility. This means that wives can not have children although men and women do not have any visible or known problems. Couples experiencing this type of situation may psychologically suffer very serious problems.

  • First of all, the problem is going to be denied.
  • Other doctors are referred.
  • Refer to the opinions of the nearest neighbors.
  • The problem is often considered to belong to the woman.
  • There are some applications that are made up of infill and often incorrect information.
  • Unfortunately, sometimes couples are separated.

However, thanks to the progressive medical and technical possibilities that almost everyone can have children. Only some patience, labor and plenty of hope are required. In Vitro Fertilization Process for Women. In spite of the fact that the responsibility of having a child belongs to women in all stages of the process such as fertility, pregnancy, controls, health problems, etc. the owner of the responsibility in vitro fertilization is also women. Man will only give the sperm, all the rest process will be applied to the woman. Moreover, it is also necessary to consider the psychological stress factor of the process here. If there are some questions such as “Why don’t you have a child”, you should not forget that the stress of the woman will also have to bother. Therefore, in addition to the physical problems experienced by the woman, the psychological dimension that she will have to struggle are the main problems. Although this process is much easier and is performed in a short time by virtue of the developing medical facilities, a woman may seriously experience

  • Stress,
  • Anger and anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Despair,
  • The desire for crying and crying attacks,
  • Anxiety and fear
  • Severe traumatic problems, especially feeling of guilty.

The Role of Man in IVF Process. Although having children by couples sometimes depends on a problem arising from a single individual, it is actually a tough process that both spouses are interested in. One of the parties and especially man, does not have the chance and the right to say “this is something you have to deal with.” If marriage is a two-person union, it is a responsibility of two people to have a child and to raise a child. The attitude of a man during the IVF treatment, the support he gives or not is the most important factor that can influence directly whether they can have a child or not. Sometimes everything that has to be done medically has been done, but still you can not have a child. The most effective factor in this situation is the psychological dimension of the problem. How much support the husband gives to wife, whether he has been with her during all these stressing stages, what he does morally are very important. The problem is never to be seen as a circumstance that only a woman needs to struggle with. Therefore, it is expected from husband whose wife in under in vitro fertilization treatment, support during

  • While deciding the treatment,
  • During treatment,
  • Maybe in supportive care that should be taken psychologically,
  • During all control and follow-up phases,
  • In sharing the problem with the social environment,
  • Talking positively and negatively about all aspects of the problem,
  • With the awareness that this process is a time and effort job and will surely reach a conclusion, to support his wife unconditionally in all circumstances. This is what should be.

Suggestions. First, it should be known that

  • This is a matter of process.
  • This is a matter of effort and hope.
  • Financial burden is high.
  • Requires high morale.
  • No one is guilty or responsibility alone.
  • The environment need not know everything.
  • Some things must be left in time, knowing there will be some troubles.
  • Not having children is not the end of the world.
  • There are specially developed therapies in this area. In this sense, psychological support is absolutely necessary.

Here you should not miss the most important point. Yes, a child is the most important factor in making a family a family, but it is not really the end of the world if there is no child. Bringing the point to this point can lead to serious danger for marriage. It is important to remember that there are many couples who have a happy life without a child. Moral support and letting things ride have many benefits of in vitro fertilization treatment. You can get good results by making your life directed by IVF treatments and without neglecting what you need. But in this process, the child you will have may not bring as much peace and excitement as you have hoped for. We therefore recommend that you go on this path with patience, carefulness, hope, but plenty of love and understanding, and support each other in all circumstances.

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